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Live The Love with Us

“Live The Love” is a simple, powerful and biblical idea. It’s the people of Peace, united in love for Jesus Christ, reflecting His Great Love in service to others. It challenges all church members to put their Christian faith into action.

Live The Love commits us, the congregation, to serve together in our community. We desire to grasp the opportunities which God provides, doing His will wherever it is needed, around the globe or across the street. We want to embrace the opportunity to practice our faith, thereby spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, actively and passionately outside of the church walls.

God is wonderfully at work in our world, and Peace is excited to be a part of the action! We are determined to use our God-given talents and faith-filled determination to fulfill our pledge of “Changing Lives with the Love of Jesus.” Living God's love is what our faith and Peace church is all about.


We invite you to explore this site to discover Serving Opportunities where you can join us.  Take time to read our Blog where our staff and members share about opportunities they have had to Live the Love.

Should you have any questions or want to know more, please contact Katherine Richards at Peace at 630.627.1101 or

21W500 Butterfield Rd.

Lombard, IL 60148