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God Sightings in Serving - Youth Workcamp Mission

This year, I attended the Workcamp Mission Trip to Charleston, WV with my high school youth group.  I was really nervous to go mainly because this was my first one.  As soon as we got to the middle school where we would be staying on Sunday, I was met with nice people and a happy environment.  T…

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The Measure of Greatness - Serving Others

How do you measure or define greatness?  When I read the news, listen to talk shows, or browse through other types of media, I see how the world defines greatness.  I would agree with Rick Warren’s observation that he made not too long ago:

      “The world defines greatness in terms …

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VBS: Learning and Serving with Joy - Part 2

Encourage Someone - Share Your Story!

Living the love is about action.  We want to show God's love through helping others.  One simple way, but perhaps a very effective way, is to share your story.  Stories can be a great way to encourage someone.  How has God's love helped you?  I'm sure you…

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