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A Fun Day while "Living the Love" at Phil's Friends!

In February, our Adults on the Go group from Peace met at Phil's Friends to serve together.  Phil’s Friends is a Christian Ministry headquartered in Roselle. IL.  This organization provides Christ-centered support and HOPE to those affected by cancer.  Cards of hope and care packages are sent di…

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Mostly Mary, Sometimes Martha - WEBS

WEBS our Women's Evening Bible Study meets Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:30, at Peace, providing a place to build faith-based friendships and to grow in God's Word (the Mary part) - all women are welcome to participate. Sometimes a service opportunity arises, which occurred when new participant Kym Zamsk…

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Reflection on Peace's November '17 FMSC Mobil Packing Event


It's hard to imagine that just a couple of months ago 1300 volunteers gathered at the Odeum in Villa Park to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children!  It was an incredible day.  A special thank you to both teams from Peace and St. John's, Lombard.  

In reflection, Linda, our Executive D…

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Feed My Starving Children - A Serving Experience Worth Repeating!


Judy Leimbach (1st row - black jacket) and her JoyBreak Women's Small Group-

Serving at Feed My Starving Children facility in Aurora, IL

My husband, Tom, and I first participated in a packing event for Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) several years ago; before they moved to their p…

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Honduras? Where Is That Anyway?

Ever heard of WGO?  Do you know Fred Steinbach?  Anyone know how to spell Tegucigalpa?  (I confess, I had to look it up).

A little over 10 years ago, I could not have answered yes to any of the questions above.  Actually, I did know Fred.  After a couple of years of Fred twisting arm just …

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Coloring to Share HOPE!

Living the Love at Phil's Friends

My husband, Ron, and I try to share our blessings and give back to the community for the blessings received in our lives.  Sometimes finding regular volunteer jobs that work with our crazy schedules can be a challenge.  Since we spend a good part of the yea…

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God Sightings in Serving - Youth Workcamp Mission

This year, I attended the Workcamp Mission Trip to Charleston, WV with my high school youth group.  I was really nervous to go mainly because this was my first one.  As soon as we got to the middle school where we would be staying on Sunday, I was met with nice people and a happy environment.  T…

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The Measure of Greatness - Serving Others

How do you measure or define greatness?  When I read the news, listen to talk shows, or browse through other types of media, I see how the world defines greatness.  I would agree with Rick Warren’s observation that he made not too long ago:

      “The world defines greatness in terms …

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VBS: Learning and Serving with Joy - Part 2

Encourage Someone - Share Your Story!

Living the love is about action.  We want to show God's love through helping others.  One simple way, but perhaps a very effective way, is to share your story.  Stories can be a great way to encourage someone.  How has God's love helped you?  I'm sure you…

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VBS: Learning and Serving with Joy - Part 1

Smiles and More Smiles: The Joy of VBS!


As I walked through the halls this week at church, it's hard to believe that last week was VBS!  All the decorations are down, no kids jumping and playing games outside, no VBS music playing in the sanctuary, etc.  It's quiet, but I still have the VBS t…

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Job Training, Teaching Computer Skills, and Living the Love!

After I retired five years ago, I decided to volunteer at the People’s Resource Center (PRC). I first worked in the Wheaton PRC computer room during “Open Training” time on Fridays.  Any PRC client is welcome to come in and ask for computer help. Typically, clients take a 90-minute a week (for 7…

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Let's Celebrate Life by Walking: CareNet Walk for Life 2017

When my wife, Amy, and I were expecting our first child, we had a friend who was the head nurse at a fertility clinic. She offered for us to come over anytime we wanted for a free ultrasound.  So we did, and I bet we went at least once a month.  We got to watch our son, Johnny grow from a flutter …

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Humanitarian Service Project: Love in Action!

Five years ago when Peace first started Live the Love, a church-wide volunteering outreach initiative, I decided to get involved and reach out to help in the local community.  I wanted to help achieve our church-wide goal of volunteer hours.  So, I volunteered about 20 hours at Humanitarian Service …

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Lap Quilts for Veterans

Peace and St. John's Women's Ministries Team Up to Live the Love!
God gives us comfort in many ways.  One of His Ministries is the LCC Comfort Dog Ministry.  These Golden Retrievers go anywhere they are invited!  They offer comfort and peace to people who are hurting or need healing, or just ne…

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