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A Fun Day while "Living the Love" at Phil's Friends!

In February, our Adults on the Go group from Peace met at Phil's Friends to serve together.  Phil’s Friends is a Christian Ministry headquartered in Roselle. IL.  This organization provides Christ-centered support and HOPE to those affected by cancer.  Cards of hope and care packages are sent directly to cancer patients to their homes or hospital.   The founder, Phil Zielke, a two-time cancer survivor himself, runs this organization with a passion born of experience.

After our orientation, we were given a "special" job.  Phil's Friends sends out 13,000 cards of hope across the country each month!  The cards are colored by volunteers, and contain an encouraging Bible verse, perhaps an extra message from the volunteer and a corny joke to keep the mood light.  In front of us was a daunting task.  13,000 cards and they all  needed envelopes.  I would like to tell that we did all 13,000...but we did not.  However it was estimated that we stuffed about 5,000.  

Phil's Friends also showed us how they pack a box and/or nylon string bag.  The boxes/string bags are filled with items that someone undergoing cancer treatment would find useful; a Bible, tissues, lip balm, mouth freshener, puzzle book, slippers, a blanket, hat, hand lotion, and a water bottle. All these gifts are provided by donors to the organization.

At the end of our shift, Kandy, one of Phil's Friends employees, shared some thank you notes with us.  It was very humbling to hear how much the recipients appreciated these small gifts.  The packages and cards really do make a difference to them.  It is just that little ray of sunshine that picks up the spirit and says people do care.

The time flew by and we all enjoyed helping this ministry.  We were able to chat, share the best way to stuff an envelope, and learn a few new jokes.  It was a wonderful and fun day to serve!  And by the way, if you would like to know "Why did the orange lose the race?" volunteer at Phil's Friends.  They will be happy to provide the answer!

Submitted by Vyonne Scheiwe, Peace Church member


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