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Feed My Starving Children - A Serving Experience Worth Repeating!


Judy Leimbach (1st row - black jacket) and her JoyBreak Women's Small Group-

Serving at Feed My Starving Children facility in Aurora, IL

My husband, Tom, and I first participated in a packing event for Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) several years ago; before they moved to their permanent facility in Aurora.  Our Peace small group we belonged to at that time attended a packing event at another church.  I remember the FMSC facilitator showing us pictures of children before receiving the food packets; and then months after receiving the FMSC meals.  This made an impact on me and I got hooked on the FMSC ministry right away.  

I was impressed by the fact that the food was not sent to government agencies, but to orphanages and missionaries in the countries where it was needed.  Working with other Christians, counting the number of packed meals, hearing how many children that those meals would feed for a year, and then praying over the food made the whole experience one I wanted to repeat over and over.

When my Joybreak group, years ago, was discussing a possible mission event we might choose to participate in, I suggested FMSC. Our group spent one of our Wednesday morning sessions working at the newly opened Aurora facility.  Everyone was uplifted by the experience.  Since then, many women have continued to participate in several packing events.  I was excited when our church, Peace, decided to host a mobile packing event for the first time in April of 2012.  I volunteered to serve on that committee.  Since that time, Tom and I have participated in several fundraisers and packing sessions for this wonderful mission.  We've even have attended several packing events with Peace's Adults on the Go.  We are pleased that Peace will be participating once again in sponsoring the community wide event this fall.

Submitted by Judy Leimbach, member of Peace Lutheran Church - Lombard

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