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Honduras? Where Is That Anyway?

Ever heard of WGO?  Do you know Fred Steinbach?  Anyone know how to spell Tegucigalpa?  (I confess, I had to look it up).

A little over 10 years ago, I could not have answered yes to any of the questions above.  Actually, I did know Fred.  After a couple of years of Fred twisting arm just a little bit, I took the plunge and headed off to Peace on their annual WGO Honduras Mission trip.  My life was about to change in ways that I would never have dreamed.

I thought I had to be the worst candidate to make this trip; however, I decided to go and serve on the "Construction" team.  We not only construct things, but we also tear down things.  Later, they just changed the name to "Ranch Serve Team" which is probably better, because construction/destruction team would maybe confuse some folks.  

When I left to go to on this mission trip, I had the big idea that I was going to hep and do something good for  WGO, Honduras, and all those great kids that reside at Rancho Ebenezer.  Again, it's a little weird to call it a ranch, because of the way we might think of a "ranch."  There is no cows or horses, but it's just a a wonderful place for these kids to live - it's "kid's ranch".  

Since that first trip, I have made eleven consecutive trips there!  It has been one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences in my life!  Each time I go, a little part of me changes in such a positive way.  (My wife suggested that perhaps I should go more often to speed that process up just a bit. :-) )  I went there to give and help.  Looking back at my trips, I have certainly done plenty of helping and, hopefully, in some small way made a difference in the lives of others.  But what I did not plan on was what I have received in return.

I am so fortunate that for many of trips, we had many of the same folks return to Rancho Ebenezer each year to serve.  What I have received is an incredible relationship with many of them that is grounded and rooted in the love we share for Jesus and others.  I was never a huge participant in church Bible studies, but in Honduras each night I have loved the small group Bible studies we have during the week.  I think this is where the magic started.  Actually, it was not magic, but it was Jesus.  I have had some of the most interesting and loving conversations in Honduras during these study and devotion times.  I have learned more in one week than I would have learned in years of attending a larger group setting.  I have heard folks share personal stories of difficult situations in a setting of confidence and trust of everyone there.  Some of the WGO missionaries sit in on our devotional time and just pour their hearts out to us.  We hear about folks that need our prayers.  It is truly something I look forward to each year now for a completely different reason when I took my first trip.

And if that is not enough to wet your appetite about coming with us, then you should come for the evening game time that takes place right after our Bible study.  At night we hang out, share stories, and play games together as a mission team.  Our favorite game is Mexican Train Dominos.  Game time can be a lot of fun with some friendly competitiveness.  

So, if you are thinking about a trip to Honduras, I would tell you to go!  You will be smarter than before you went.  And with any luck, you will be able to spell Tegucigalpa when you return.  Most of all...  you will be truly blessed.

Submitted by Randy Frinfrock, Peace Church Member.  

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