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WEBS our Women's Evening Bible Study meets Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:30, at Peace, providing a place to build faith-based friendships and to grow in God's Word (the Mary part) - all women are welcome to participate. Sometimes a service opportunity arises, which occurred when new participant Kym Zamsky, also a member of the Women's Network of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI), asked if the group ever did service projects (the Martha part). The ladies said, "Sometimes."  She told them about the plight of foster children as they are placed in a new home by LSSI:

When babies and children are removed from their birth families, they are taken to foster homes with only the clothes they are wearing and a few personal items in a plastic garbage bag. The Women's Network of LSSI decided in 2015 to begin a program of providing additional items for these children. Welcome Kits are used by social workers to effect as calm and soothing a transition as possible in the midst of a situation which is traumatic for both the child and the foster parent. The backpacks for babies are filled with toothbrushes, diaper cream, wipes, toys, books, gift cards for essentials, and little stuffed animals. They are also given a small blanket for snuggling. Older children receive a larger blanket to keep them warm during the night.

Their hearts being touched, the WEBS women said, "Yes."  The Foster Children Welcome Kits and Blankets Project was born; Kym agreed to coordinate the efforts.

Following detailed instructions from the Women's Network, WEBS plowed ahead to make it happen. Janet Stuckey requested a Thrivent Action Team designation, which was approved as part of its #livegenerously program.* Jean Romer-Kenealy designed the publicity flyers. Kerby Kerber, WEBS leader, facilitated the blanket-making portion of the project on January 9 - fleece blankets in infant and youth sizes were cut and tied.




The Peace Family was asked to be involved through "Fill Diaper Backpacks for Foster Children in February." Kym made a display board for people to choose a specific item to donate. Using the seed money from Thrivent, the diaper backpacks were purchased. At the Packing Party on February 20, more blankets were made and the backpacks were filled. Total Results: 18 blankets were hand made for the foster children and several more were made for LWML's World Relief project. 9 diaper backpacks were completely filled with the items donated by the Peace Family.

Pastor Marty Hufford led the group in a prayer of blessing over the assembled items. “We are so grateful for the generous donations; we are letting these children know that God loves them,” he said. 

There's no better way to say it: That's what Sometimes Marthas do . . .

Submitted by Janet Stuckey, Peace Church member








* Thrivent Financial, through its #livegenerously program, is dedicated to strengthening the communities, congregations and causes their members care about, and provided seed money for the project.

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