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Reflection on Peace's November '17 FMSC Mobil Packing Event


It's hard to imagine that just a couple of months ago 1300 volunteers gathered at the Odeum in Villa Park to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children!  It was an incredible day.  A special thank you to both teams from Peace and St. John's, Lombard.  

In reflection, Linda, our Executive Director at Peace, shares some thoughts on this incredible serving event...

"Feed My Starving Children is an amazing Christian ministry that provides meals specially-formulated for malnourished children in more than 70 countries around the world. They have 3 warehouses in the Chicagoland area where volunteers can pack those meals and pray over them before the food is shipped abroad.

I have been volunteering with Feed My Starving Children since their Aurora warehouse opened in 2008. When I volunteer for a 2-hour shift, the time flies by. At the end of the shift, praying  over the meals we packed is a very powerful experience.

Not all meals are packed in warehouses. FMSC provides all the supplies and training need for organizations to host on-site events in their own communities. Organizations provide space, volunteers, and the funds to pay for the ingredients to pack the meals. Peace has participated in 4 such events since 2012…two held at Peace, one at St. John’s Lombard, and the most recent held at the Odeum in Villa Park on November 4, 2017.

What an experience to pack 278,000 meals with 1300 volunteers (men, women, and children) in one day! Enough food to feed 760 children for a year!!

Go to the FMSC website ( Watch the videos, read the stories, and volunteer to pack some meals. I promise that you won’t regret it!"

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