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VBS: Learning and Serving with Joy - Part 2

Encourage Someone - Share Your Story!

Living the love is about action.  We want to show God's love through helping others.  One simple way, but perhaps a very effective way, is to share your story.  Stories can be a great way to encourage someone.  How has God's love helped you?  I'm sure you have a story if you think about it.

At our VBS this year, we talked a lot about sharing our personal stories with others.  When we share our story, we are reminded of how God has helped us.  It helps us remember how much He love us.  We can use our personal stories to encourage others that God loves them, too!  

We asked our elementary and middle school aged VBS participants about their stories.  Our question was:  "When has God's unfailing love helped you or your family through a hard time?"  Here are just a few of their responses:

When my cat ran away

When my grandma moved

When I broke my arm

When my grandma got cancer

When I get sick

When my dog gets sick

When I had a broken arm

When my brother had a seizure

When my mom and dad were trying to find a new house

When my older brother had cancer

When my grandpa had a heart attack

When my parents divorced

When my grandparents died

When my pet died

When I moved away from my friends

When my mom was pregnant with my baby brother

When I cry and I am sad

When I am alone

As I read many of their responses, I could relate!  I had experienced times when I was sick, I was sad, I was worried, etc.  When we share our story, people are able to relate to our experiences.  Sharing stories are a great way to build relationships. When we share how God helped us through those times, we are a witness to God's love.  What a wonderful way to live the love by offering encouragement through our stories.  What's your story?  When was a time you were able to share your story and encourage another person?  As you think of God's love and faithfulness in your life, pray for an opportunity to share your story with others. 

Submitted by Katherine Richards, Director of Family Ministry at Peace Lutheran


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